We offer Job Scrapping, or as some call it, Job Wrapping.  Basically, our bots contact your site and grab all the job information and put it into a file that our system can recognize.  Basically, it puts the job info into an XML file

With that XML file, we can set up a job import into system.

Job scrapping is done daily.  In other words, we contact your site once per day and get your latest jobs so we can update them on our database.

Job scrapping is NOT an easy thing.  It's actually a bit complex. 

So first, before we can agree to do it, we have to review your site to make sure we can do it. 

Also, a premium annual membership is required so you'll need to sign up first before we can do this task.

If you have further questions, contact your HV rep or just send us a support request to


*  This service has an additional cost. See our rates page for further details.


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