RSS JOB Feed: Add jobs to your site


You can easily add our RSS Job feed to your site.  Our feed contains all our "featured jobs" on with a maximum limit of 400

Here's the feed:


When using the feed, all jobs will link back to

You must use our RSS feed as provided with no modifications. 

If you need a special unique feed, please contact us direct.



Using our feed is NOT the same as "scraping" or "wrapping" our jobs. In other words, you have permission to  use our feed as provided with links back to but NO permission to "scrap" or "wrap" our data/jobs into a private database.  This would be a violation of law and abuse of Employers trust. 

In other words, you are NOT allowed to take our data and put into your database to give impression to your visitors that these jobs were posted on your site.  This is explicit NOT allowed.  Plain and Simple!



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