Does Hire Veterans Automatically Charge Renewals on Clients' Accounts?


NO, we do not. 

Hire Veterans do not automatically renew any of our offerings. Account holders are usually contacted (by email or phone call) 30 days prior their job product expiration date; then again 14 days prior if no response was received the first time. All renewals must repeat the original payment process.

All renewals are manually done by the employer/recruiter through their accounts or using a payment link which they can request from the HV Team (with legitimate email domain). 

If you want to use your credit card for payment, you can opt for an auto-renewal to automatically deduct payments from your card BUT this is outside the HV process. When you choose this option, you independently choose the automatic renewals/payments through your card/bank and NOT through or with the aid of Hire Veterans.

HV will NEVER request for your bank account information nor offer to handle payments for you. 


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